How to Setup a TP-Link Router

As we all already know about Router that is a device which has ability to connect multiple computers, smartphones through the same network. But remember router should be connected to an modem in order to provide internet connection and also very helpful for providing 4K streaming without any buffering.

Here we are going to discuss about TP-Link router. If you bought a new TP-Link Router and don’t know how to  configuring the router, don’t worry here you will learn how to setup a router and you will get following items with router inside the box a router’s power supply or charger, Device manual, Driver disc, USB cable and a Network cable.

Some steps of instructions are given below which you have to follow to setup your TP- Link Router:

  1. First of all you need to Power on the router by plug it to the switch and connect your PC or laptop to the router by an Ethernet cable.
  2. Then open a web browser and search for or
  3. You will reached at login page where you have to set your router login password by entering it twice.
  4. Now click on Let’s Get Started/Login.
  5. After that by using the Quick Setup option on-screen configure your Internet and Wireless Network.
  6. Then Enter  “SSID”  name for your Wireless Network and set a “password” to secure your Wi-Fi network.
  7. Finally you will be able to join the Wireless Connection with the SSID using your password. That’s all.

So this is the whole process of setting up a TP-Link router and hope you love this article.

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